The Belgian Society of Periodontology and the Belgian Union of Orthodontic Specialists would like to invite you to the Smile in Pink Congress.

It is a great honour and pleasure for us and our Organizing Committee to host this event in Liège.

The Belgian Union of Orthodontic Specialists and the Belgian Society of Periodontology are proud to present a 2-day Joint Meeting on the 6th and 7th of February 2020.

The scientific programme is focused on the close relationship between orthodontics and periodontology.

Excellent keynote speakers, specialized in the congress topic, will critically analyse these subjects followed by short presentations of new research data.

It will be THE Congress to BE in 2020 !

We also will host a joint poster session related to the ortho/perio research field with 3 prizes (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

We also welcome our orthodontic practice assistants on Thursday for a very interesting program about 'Radiological protection and safety procedures' including a certificate of attendance.

We invite you to the President's Reception and GALA on Thursday evening and to the 'Get and Stay Together Drink' on Friday evening.

This will give us the opportunity to meet and socialize with each other.

The Organizing Committee and us hope to see you.





gustavo giordani

Perio-Implant-Ortho Integration in Aesthetic Rehabilitation - keys for predictability and success

"Nowadays the aesthetic rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary interaction increasingly intense. Separate specialties leads to inadequate and often patient dissatisfaction with the end result. The planning, with the union of pink and white aesthetic is the big key to the predictability and success in cases.

Development of aesthetic restoration requires a careful, thorough and concise team approach. 
Orthodontics has undergone a major revolution in recent times. The first was the craniofacial three-dimensional tomographic diagnosis . The second was the skeletal anchorage with miniplates , which helps for the orthodontic movement is quick, with minimal side effects. The third was the creation of an advanced mechanical promoting bone remodeling concurrent in all three planes of space (anteroposterior , lateral and vertical) , solving complex cases.


This development in the orthodontic area allowed greater contribution of orthodontics for real integration between specialties , mainly oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, orthognathic surgery and implantology."



The BUOS/BSP awards a Scientific "Grand Prize" known as the “BUOS/BSP AWARD” to support:


Research studies or clinical cases related to both Orthodontics & Periodontics


This Prize is exclusivelydestined to researchers/practicioners whose activity is exerted in Belgium. Abstracts have to be submitted to the BUOS/BSP scientific committee and the selected posters will have to be presented at the International BUOS/BSP congress 6/7thof February 2020.


The BUOS/BSP Award (2 x 1,000 Euros) will be allocated to the three best Scientific and Clinical posters presented during the congress in 2020 as follows:


  • GOLD 500 Euros for the winning Scientific/Clinical poster

  • SILVER 300 Euros for the runner up

  • BRONZE 200 Euros         


The prizes will be awarded during the “Smile in Pink the Ortho-Perio Link” International Congress in Liège 6/7th of February 2020 under the following conditions:


Deadline for abstracts submission:  December 1st, 2019


Constitution of application dossiers:


  • CV of the applicant heading up the team   (1 page)

  • Abstract (max 350 words)                           (1 page)

  • Composition of the team                             (1 page)

The application files must be sent before December 15th 2019 both to: and


Palais des Congrès

Esplanade de l'Europe 2 

4020 LIEGE

Hotel Van Der Valk

Esplanade de l'Europe 2 

4020 LIEGE


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